We are the TRUE market leader in aftermarket recruitment!

3 Jan, 2018

We are the TRUE market leader in aftermarket recruitment!

We are changing the face of aftermarket recruitment again!

As part of our ongoing commitment to the Aftermarket and with a view to increasing the value that we bring to our clients. We are always looking for new ways to innovate the way we operate and tailor the service we offer to you, our valued clients

Free Sales Training

With that in mind we have formed a partnership with Clare Campbell of Chameleon Change Management Ltd to offer FREE behavioural sales training to candidates recruited through PG Automotive.

Why did we do this? Well that is simple, we view ourselves as a true partner to the businesses we work with and we are certainly not a “Take the Fee and Run” business. We believe in quality process, quality candidates and the development of all individuals within the Aftermarket.

We wanted to differentiate ourselves from the “Agencies” as we are a “Consultancy” and training is a huge cost to all businesses. Not everyone has access to a training department, so we decided this would be a service that would add significant value to our proposition. Personal development is key to success on so many levels in any sector of society and we are proud to be able to deliver this service.

12 Month Candidate Guarantee

We also have introduced an industry leading 12 month candidate guarantee as we realised clients wanted greater security when taking on a new hire. They felt the rebate/guarantee some recruiters offer is inadequate? So we decided to tear up the script because we fully understand the recruitment landscape is changing and what may have been fit for purpose in the past may not be now. We also understand that people are the biggest single cost to UK business and that when someone leaves their post, the costs are not just simply a recruitment fee or increased salary. That is why we are pleased to launch our industry leading 12 month candidate guarantee.

We are so confident in not only our candidates but more importantly our process, that in the unlikely event a candidate recruited through PG Automotive leave for any reason within 12 months we will replace that candidate ½ price. This means that should the worse happen you have 12 months piece of mind that a new hire will not cost you an additional full recruitment fee.

“I am excited and proud to announce the launch of these value added services for 2018. We always strive to be different and react to changes in the market. You have spoken and we have listened! That is the type of recruitment partnership you need.”

Gavin Collier – Recruitment Director  

So ask yourself if your current recruitment partner doesn’t give you the same guarantee, then get in touch with us by clicking here https://www.pgautomotive.com/contacts/





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