Why your time to hire is losing you talent (& HOW TO FIX IT)!

11 Dec, 2017

Why your time to hire is losing you talent (& HOW TO FIX IT)!

Have you ever heard the saying ‘You don’t know what you have until its gone’?

If your answer is yes, you know that feeling you will understand that it is the last thing you want when hiring your next key player in your business.

Reduce candidate screening time: If you receive a CV that ticks every skill set your looking for, then why hesitate to contact them? If you are looking for your next talented employee that will power boost your business towards the next success, these people do not stick about long (Believe me I am an eye witness) they are easy to impulse and will look for the first opportunity that strikes their interest. Candidates that are serious about changing career or taking the next step are fast paced because they need to not want to and there is a big a huge difference.

Interviewing job applicants : (4.75 days) : Avoid ‘death by interview’ by limiting the total number of interviews or not being flexible to your candidates. Yes, if they want the job bad enough you make time to attend an interview but sometimes the impossible happens. If you ‘need’ the talent you will also find time for potentially your next superstar.

Creating the candidate experience: When was the last time someone you didn’t know make you feel great? It is the best feeling ever. In the past, it is believed that the candidate should be at the interview to impress you, this is an old fashion way of thinking. If you are looking for fresh eyes on your business that will take it to the next era, then you need to change your way of thinking. It’s very similar to dating, both parties need to impress each other for the relationship to work.

Negotiating the job offer:  Reducing this hiring time is an urgent requirement as job applicant numbers fall or being in a candidate short market. A delayed response from your candidate, or to your candidate, suggests that they may be ‘job hoarding’ or on your side of the fence ‘deal breaker’ and means you lose the race with your hiring competitor. Be prepared to overcome objections quickly, call your candidate to obtain a verbal acceptance. This also relays back to the previous point, making them feel valued by a personal call could be the cherry that sets you aside from other hiring companies. Building the right relationship with your candidate creates buy in and increases the percentage of candidate retention to start within your business. It’s at this point that onboarding begins and is successful.

Don’t lose out on talent. Hire better people faster with world class recruitment process.


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