Summer Loving Happened So Fast, But Now What?

13 Sep, 2017

Summer Loving Happened So Fast, But Now What?

Summer Loving Happened So Fast, But Now What?

As a recruiter the Summer is always a tough one for people looking to move their career forward, for an array of reasons. The dreaded holiday season is now over, the kids are back at school and you begin to settle back into your job. Did the summer holiday on the beach really change how you feel about your job, it maybe masked it for a while but sitting in that traffic on a Monday morning knowing you have at least 5 days of monotony until the weekend will begin to take its toll. Believe me I have been there myself. So are you going to resign yourself to the doldrums of winter and hope things get better? Or are you going to push yourself and find your dream job, again I know what I would do and did.

I head up our Refinish Division and with the busiest quarter of the year approaching, now is the time to put yourself on my radar so you don’t miss out on some of the best opportunities out their in the market. What to do next, well we have just launched our fabulous, amazing and most user friendly website to date. I urge you to check out the latest Refinish roles and roles within the Automotive Aftermarket. My diary is fast filling up to register the next wave of Refinish talent so act fast and call me in the office on 07960 046131 or contact me through LinkedIn to arrange a time.


Jack Hodges
The Refinish Recruiter at PG Automotive (UK) Ltd


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