5 Questions to Avoid asking in an interview!

27 Oct, 2017

5 Questions to Avoid asking in an interview!

How do you learn to be a great candidate in an interview?

Some people may say “practice makes perfect” but going for an interview is a nerve racking situation. In my experience, as well as articles I have read these are 5 questions to avoid at all cost as employers translate them differently to how candidates can mean.

  1. What is the salary for this role? – Although this is an important part of the process, employers look for candidates who are going to get more from their company other than money. This day and age it’s important to enjoy going to work. If you’re an ambitious candidate you would want training, enjoyment and progression not just a salary.
  2. What are the working hours? – As a candidate you look for a work life balance especially when you have a family. Be careful asking this question, some employers are not looking for candidates with the mindset to just plod along doing 9 till 5 and this could look like you are already trying to minimise effort.
  3. Asking too many questions that may seem like as a candidate your trying to conduct the interview – Tell me about yourself? What are your goals? This may portray you as a candidate, someone who doesn’t like to listen or may be over ruling and not work well within a team. Although wording these questions differently such as : What is your background? How did you progress through the company? shows to the employer that you are ambitious who wants more from their company.
  4. What does this company actually do? What is the job title? – Seems funny I know but these questions do get asked. As I am sure your already aware of this, this show lack of preparation, lack of concentration and no organisation which is NOT what an employer is looking for.
  5. Employer “Do you have any questions?”, Candidate “NO” – It can get confusing but on the other hand having no questions could be the critical breaker in an interview, Having questions shows your engaged with learning more, engaged with the person conducting the interview and gives a lasting impression that may set you aside from other candidates in the process.

These may differ in employer’s opinion, business culture and role. The message I am giving to you is a interview process is not something that you should go into unplanned with no thought into it, the best you can do is plan, prepare, Put your best foot forward and take your best shot.


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